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  1. My wife is French, and an excellent cook. But when she tastes things, no spoons are involved. Just her tongue stuck in the batter, sauce, or dressing.

  2. Chevrolet has a hybrid electric car called the Volt. They plan to introduce the new-and-improved Bolt in 2017. What’s next…the Jolt?

  3. Mayor Bill de Blasio lifts a longtime ban on cellphones in New York City public schools. This is good news for the mediocre. With one significant selfie a “C” student can move up to an “A” student.

  4. Oh man, what a tan! Did you catch Speaker of the House John Boehner’s new color? He was inspired by Antiques Roadshow, the “mahogany” table.

  5. When you get older, “Date Night” deteriorates into your old wife bitching at you to remember to drink your Prune Juice.

  6. At first she was a lithe blonde beauty, with elfish charm. But as the years wore away savagely at her soul, she became, alas, Stinkerbell.

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