Did someone said “Woodpecker”? — 16 Comments

  1. Oregon freshman wide receiver Darren Carrington has been suspended for Monday night’s College Football Playoff Championship Game due to a failed drug test. Looks like he will be a sitting Duck.

  2. A British fraudster admitted selling counterfeit bottles of booze containing human urine and feces. People who drank the liquor got shit-faced.

  3. Miley Cyrus’ LA house was burglarized for the third time in little more than a year. It’s sad that property was taken from her that she twerked so hard for.

  4. Women tend to laugh more, cry more, and lie more. Men just want to know when the game is on, and if there’s more beer.

  5. My wife bought me an 18-disk audio book of “Moby Dick” to keep me “busy” in bed. What can I do, spout-off about it?

  6. It was a mystery what to buy my wife for her Birthday. My daughter suggested a gift-card to a shoe store. Brilliant! The game is afoot!

  7. George Zimmerman was arrested for throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. He pleaded self-defense — she tried to serve him Boone’s Farm.

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