Hasbro had bro. — 19 Comments

  1. A cat survived being shot through the head with an arrow. Authorities are investigating. So far the chief suspect is Sitting Bulldog.

  2. Bill Gates drinks water made from human fecal matter. Looking forward to the day when you can buy Perrier and Derriere.

  3. After a tough life of veil-wearing, home-bound and limited-opportunity, Arabic women must be promised quite an after-life. What? Reincarnation as a man?

  4. Manila officers will wear adult diapers for the pope’s visit. This is not all that unusual–the Secret Service wears Depends whenever Joe Biden speaks.

  5. New York women are complaining about “manspreading,” men sitting with their legs wide apart taking up too much space on the subway. Not to be confused with Taylor Swift’s dating habits.

  6. Jonathan Cheban, best friend of Kim Kardashian is opening a chain of burger joints called Burger Bandit. Try the “Kim Burger.” A Botox patty generously slathered with olive oil served between two magnificent buns.

  7. Today, possibly the worst day of my life? I was at Rite Aid getting Extra Strength Tylenol for my wife. The clerk (girl about 25) said, “I like your outfit. Everything matches.” I said I like your tits, in my mind. Am I now officially a senior citizen?

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