Don we now our gay apparel. — 14 Comments

  1. Cuba and the U.S. have normalized relations after 54 years. They gave back our spy, we gave back their spy. But it’s more than that. Obama’s always wanted a 53 chevy.

  2. Lance Armstrong told Golf Digest that he wouldn’t cheat at golf and would be “heartbroken forever” if he was caught. When quizzed about some of his drives reaching upwards of 500 yards, he simply asked – Doesn’t everybody hit it this far?

  3. North Korea has threatened to blow up the White House and the Pentagon. Apparently, they hacked the script to “Independence Day 2.”

  4. Icelandair has apologized for selling a racist “Apartheid” cocktail in a hotel bar in Reykjavik. Too many drinks caused blackouts.

  5. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin got married in LA. Turchin won’t be available for the next few days–he’s gone Bass fisting.

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