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  1. The ultimate irony of Sony’s decision to not release the movie “The Interview” after being threatened by hackers who are believed to be from North Korea is that the only Americans who will get to see the movie are those who locate a leaked out internet copy hacked from Sony’s web site, a version that may be released by hackers who are believed to be from, you guessed it, North Korea.

  2. Something seems wrong about old Santa having a cute female Elf for a “helper,” if you know what I mean. Does Mrs. Claus know about this teenage vixen in red-pointed shoes?

  3. North Korea admitting hacking Sony to censure our freedom of movie choice. This pisses me off and I’m not buying anything from North Korea anymore. Uh, anyone know what North Korea sells?

  4. The natural look is back, shaving your pubic hair is out say Hollywood stylists. This is bad news for Donald Trump who’s been pasting it on his head.

  5. December is the most popular month to get engaged. Is that because all the jewelry stores have year-end sales and guys think, “Hmmm, may as well save a few bucks?”

  6. A pastor in Mississippi protested gay marriage by trotting out a horse in a wedding dress. He was trying to show that one horse’s ass could marry another.

  7. NASA is considering a manned mission to Venus. With a surface temperature of 462 degrees Celsius, I don’t think we’ll be hotfooting it there anytime soon.

  8. Barack Obama called into a Boston radio program. And since he was the sixth caller, he received two tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.

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