But Clooney’s married now.


In England, George Clooney made an appearance on Downton Abbey for charity. Women get it. For men, this is the equivalent of NFL football with naked cheerleaders.


But Clooney’s married now. — 9 Comments

  1. A woman on a Southwest flight from San Francisco to Phoenix gave birth to a baby boy forcing a diversion to LAX. The pilot figured if you need some big boobs, there’s no better place than Hollywood.

  2. The Senate report of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation program” following 9/11 is out, and it ain’t pretty. In a related story,
    Bill Cosby says he didn’t drug and rape those girls. They were all detainees subjected to his “enhanced wooing program.”

  3. Astronomers report a possible signal from dark matter. They believe it’s a distress signal roughly meaning, “I can’t breathe!”

  4. An actor who appeared in “Sons of Anarchy,” was arrested in LA for allegedly killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s pet rabbit. Apparently, he has a hare-trigger temper.

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