But Clooney’s married now. — 9 Comments

  1. A woman on a Southwest flight from San Francisco to Phoenix gave birth to a baby boy forcing a diversion to LAX. The pilot figured if you need some big boobs, there’s no better place than Hollywood.

  2. The Senate report of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation program” following 9/11 is out, and it ain’t pretty. In a related story,
    Bill Cosby says he didn’t drug and rape those girls. They were all detainees subjected to his “enhanced wooing program.”

  3. Astronomers report a possible signal from dark matter. They believe it’s a distress signal roughly meaning, “I can’t breathe!”

  4. An actor who appeared in “Sons of Anarchy,” was arrested in LA for allegedly killing and eating his ex-girlfriend’s pet rabbit. Apparently, he has a hare-trigger temper.

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