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  1. When people buy me Poinsettias for Christmas, I really don’t get the “point.” They’re like a weed, quickly lose their leaves, and are also poisonous. Thanks a lot!

  2. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton traveled to New York City last weekend. The prince, famous for his baldness, wanted to see Donald Trump’s hair museum.

  3. Tabatha Bundesen’s feline Grumpy Cat has earned her $100 million. Not even Jenna Jameson’s pussy has generated that much money.

  4. Ken Weatherwax, who played the child character Pugsley on “The Addams Family” television series, has died. Wow, you’re here one minute and then snap of the fingers you’re gone.

  5. William and Kate are on their first visit to New York City. Wonder if the Prince at some point has leaned over to his wife and whispered “Thank God this all isn’t our problem anymore.”

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