Kasparov soon will be a friendly ghost. — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve worked with Janice Dickinson before, if you’re a celebrity like Bill Cosby you’d need to drug her just to stop her from giving you at least an uninvited lap dance or something else with a happy ending.

  2. After appearing nude in a magazine Kim Kardashian wanted to show her husband a side of herself no one else has ever seen. So she cooked him a meal. Even opened the can herself.

  3. Fuel prices are going down and airlines are saving billions. United is not sharing and here’s why: Pilots are limo’d to the cockpit. Flight attendants have personal assistants to point out the exits. Autopilot has a butler named Jeeves.

  4. Following allegations of inappropriate touching of females, Capt. Wayne Brown has been relieved of duty as commander of the warship USS Cosby.

  5. Last night the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. made an incredible one-handed touchdown catch. It was the most unbelievable catch since Lyle Lovett landed Julia Roberts.

  6. Diana Ross looked really good last night at the AMA’s. In fact, she looked so ravishing Bill Cosby offered to buy her a drink.

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