What was for dessert at the last supper? — 11 Comments

  1. Pope Francis confirmed he will be coming to Philadelphia. He plans to visit with the city’s lowly and downtrodden– the 76ers.

  2. I was pretty jazzed about a headline I saw that read: “3M Clear Bra Protection,”…until I found out it’s for cars.

  3. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi put together a Christmas card with their heads Photoshopped onto Kim Kardashian’s baby-oiled booty. Right away you know it’s not them. No scissor marks.

  4. Authorities in Thailand intercepted a courier package containing human parts that was destined for the US. It contained a head, heart and a foot. An anonymous spokesperson for the Washington Redskins said they would be interested if an arm was included.

  5. A Great Dane in Pennsylvania delivered a huge litter of 19 puppies. Today TLC announced they will star in a new series “19 Pups and Counting.”

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