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  1. Ah, memories of Old Granny…it’s easy to picture her in that old rocking chair, complaining about the world. “I am so mad I could shit kittens.”

  2. The world’s top ranked badminton player has failed a doping test. Badminton World Federation officials finally had to confront him when his serves reached speeds of 400 mph.

  3. Steelers fans are blaming Justin Bieber for jinxing their team after he visited their dressing room before they lost to the lowly Jets. Actually it was because he messed Big Ben up by showing him the art of throwing eggs.

  4. NBA commish Adam Silver says it’s high time that the US gets on board with legalized gambling on pro sports. Pete Rose said he would lay good odds that if Silver became the Commissioner of baseball, he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame by next year.

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