We’ll never be Royals.

TC in BC says:

88 year old monarch Queen Elizabeth has sent out her first tweet. Look for future tweets like “I’m looking at my Twitter account while sitting on the throne”. TOO MUCH information, thank you.


We’ll never be Royals. — 14 Comments

  1. DC voters have legalized marijuana possession in the nation’s capital. Of course, Congress was way ahead of them. They went to pot years ago.

  2. “Dating Naked” is a TV show about well, naked dating. But it’s a little different from “The Bachelorette.” Instead of giving the winner a rose, the loser gets a fig leaf.

  3. A man delivering drywall to a construction site in Jersey City was killed when a one-pound tape measure fell 50 stories and struck him. To be precise the tape measure fell 498 feet 5 3\4 inches.

  4. Harvard is offering a course on anal sex. Of all the Ivy League schools to offer a course on anal sex, I thought it would be Brown.

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