B-52? Are we playing bingo? — 15 Comments

  1. I told my wife I’d turn her in for a younger, bustier model if I won the Lottery. “That’s funny,” she replied, “Id ditch you too, Will, if I won, because I’m tired of being married to a Boob.”

  2. Fireball Whisky was recalled in 3 European countries because it has antifreeze in it. But it’s OK in the US. *Obesity absorbs antifreeze.

  3. The NoPhone, has no screen, no keys, no battery. Just a piece of useless plastic. *The only thing it’s smarter than is the U.S. Congress.

  4. Homeland Security agents raided a lingerie shop in Kansas City that was selling unlicensed Kansas City Royals under garments and confiscated them. Did anyone notice that all adult female Royal fans went to the game “Commando”?

  5. Fake World Series tickets were confiscated in Kansas City this week. Officials knew they were phony when they noticed the Commissioner’s signature was “Pete Rose”.

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