Cheerio, guvn’r! — 10 Comments

  1. Country singer Dustin Lynch was hit in the face with a can of beer during a concert. In related news, Justin Bieber is ok after being hit in the noggin with a box of Juicy Juice.

  2. Russian chess pro Garry Kasparov called Vladimir Putin ‘the most dangerous man’ in the world. Putin responded that Kasparov is just a pawn of the West.

  3. Chris Christie’s popularity has been dwindling since Bridgegate. *The only constituents really interested in him now are Jenny Craig and The Biggest Loser.

  4. The iPad Air 2 is 18 percent thinner than its predecessor. Troubles with being that thin and stylish though. *Every time you feed it data, it vomits Apps.

  5. Famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died at 82. In his time he designed pants for everyone. Movie stars, politicians, royalty. *In fact, if all the pants Oscar designed were placed end to end, they’d fit completely around Kim Kardashian.

  6. A Florida mother wants ‘Breaking Bad’ dolls removed from Toys R Us. Apparently, they’ve been selling meth to Barbie making her dangerously thin

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