Neigh! — 9 Comments

  1. NASA says astronauts to Mars will sleep for much of the six month journey. And you would too after 100 Tang and vodka shooters.

  2. There will be a sequel to ‘Annabelle’ in which she kills and eats Barbie, Ken, and GI Joe–it will be called ‘Cannabelle.’

  3. 1. Witch on the porch. Check.
    2. Ghouls in the kitchen. Check.
    3. Screaming and howling. Check.
    A Haunted House set to scare visitors? Nope. Just the usual at my personal haunted castle called home. Thank you, God, for that amber liquid called Beer.

  4. A New York grocery store employee was caught stealing $1200 worth of meat that he stuffed down his pants. No word on how many trips he made, but a cashier caught him when she asked him if that was a sausage in his pocket or if he was just happy to see her.

  5. HP has announced that it will split into two companies after laying off upwards of 10,000 employees worldwide. One company will be dedicated to continue its technology business while the other will continue to sell that sauce that you have in your kitchen next to the Heinz ketchup.

  6. Red Bull has settled a $13 million class action lawsuit for false advertising and is required to issue refunds to their customers. So the claims made in their ads were bull.

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