But Rodman got game.

TC in BC says:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been hospitalized with two broken ankles, apparently from wearing heels and being overweight. When his ankle extension surgery is completed, he will be the same height as his buddy Dennis Rodman.


But Rodman got game. — 6 Comments

  1. Doctors in Kyrgyzstan removed a nine-pound hairball from the stomach of an 18-year-old after she could no longer eat, drink, or go in her litter box.

  2. China’s Communist Party said 10,000 pigeons released for National Day celebrations underwent an “anal security check.” Fortunately, they only found stool.

  3. Just days after a female intruder was found in Keanu Reeves’ library, a second naked woman broke into the actor’s home. Wow, I had no idea Keanu Reeves employed the Secret Service.

  4. NASA says Curiosity, Mars rover spotted a “remarkably spherical” object on the surface of the Red Planet. After closer examination they dismissed it as just another Derek Jeter home run.

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