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  1. The Mets are out of the postseason, the Yankees are almost out, the Giants got solidly beaten and the Jets choked. So in New York they’re wondering “When does the Knicks preseason start?”

  2. Adrian Peterson has been charged with felony child abuse for beating his son with a switch for pushing a child off a tricycle. I Suspect the photos of the boy’s bruses and lacerations over his back, buttocks, scrotum, legs, and hands will have to go viral before Commissioner Roger Goddell takes any action against Peterson. Does the Commissioner feel child abuse is less serious than than abuse of women. More likely, Peterson is more valuable to the NFL as an active player than is Ray Rice, so expect no action will be taken unless convicted and sentenced to serve jail time. Until that time Goodell can continue to state no reports have yet been seen by anyone in the NFL. (Stan Kegel)

  3. Went to a Led Zeppelin tribute band show. The police were called when I went a bit crazy. I was hauled off to jail, Tazed and Confused.

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