Buggy. — 15 Comments

  1. Did you all see that brilliant light flash past the Earth Sunday night? Astronomers say it was an asteroid. I think it was Joan Rivers saying goodbye.

  2. I’ve found a way to get my shy wife to strip for me. Because she is obsessed with shopping, Sharon responds to my new approach: “Tonight only, take off 100%!”

  3. Atlanta Hawks plan to attract more white fans by adding a Starbucks concession and giving away a Prius to any fan who makes a half-court shot during halftime.

  4. William and Kate are expecting their second child. The child will be fourth in line to the throne–just like the wait at a Taco Bell restroom.

  5. DEVO, punk-rock band from the 70’s is still going strong. Only now instead of “Whip It,” they’re “Puree it. Puree it good.”

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