A Tiger in his tank.


Swing coach Sean Foley said his split with Tiger Woods was “amicable.” Well, duh, does anyone think Tiger is stupid enough to anger someone who knows how to wield a golf club?


A Tiger in his tank. — 5 Comments

  1. Residents of states where medical marijuana is legalized suffer fewer overdoses from prescription pain medication than elsewhere, says a new study. That’s because they can’t remember where they put their pills.

  2. Archeologists digging in Amphipolis, Greece have discovered a tomb holding the remains of Alexander the Great. However, after forensic reconstruction scientists determined he was only, at best, Alexander the Mediocre. 

  3. A woman on the web is famous for her shapely butt. Jen Selter is her name. I admit that I checked her out, and all I can say is this: Give Me Selter!

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