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  1. An envelope from the DMV announced the arrival of my new driver’s card. “ACK! I look like Picasso!” I complained to my wife. “Don’t worry about it, babe,” she told me. “Just take it as artistic license.”

  2. My wife says I’m not “romantic” enough. When she proudly showed me her freshly shaved legs, I told her: “They look as smooth as a Safeway chicken.”

  3. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is charged with two felony counts of power abuse. Biggest abuse of Texas power since Carroll Shelby put Pinto wheels on a Cobra.

  4. George W. Bush has taken the ‪#‎ALSicebucketchallenge‬ and challenged Bill Clinton to do the same. And Bill responded “Ice bucket challenge? I’ve been married to her for 39 years?

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