Pantsuits for everyone! — 10 Comments

  1. Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and his girlfriend supermodel Kate Upton are two of the latest to douse each other with ice water for ALS ‪Ice Bucket Challenge‬. Wonder how much money they could raised had Kate volunteered to wear a sheer white t-shirt?

  2. An Ohio morgue attendant admitted to having sex with female corpses while on the job. “I can relate,” said Bill Clinton.

  3. As the barbecue seasons draws to a close, emergency rooms across America report a decrease in the number of patients treated for burned in stripes on their rear ends, people who had carelessly sat on a still hot grill. This is something the medical community now refers to as the Ass Burgers Syndrome.

  4. Men and Women are so different. Guys tell each other to “Man-Up!,” but you never hear Ladies offer encouragement like: “Get you Womb-On, Girl!”

  5. My wife and I entered counseling to save our nearly 31-year union. Privately, I asked our licensed practitioner what her forecast for the marriage might be. “Um,” she replied. “I’m predicting Nuclear Winter at this point.”

  6. I really like watching war coverage on TV, and now that we are bombing Iraq I can’t wait for them to knock over the statue of that evil dictator. Dick Cheney.

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