A THRILLing ode.

WILL the THRILL says:

The world’s oldest European eel died on Friday, according to the BBC, causing an uproar among Swedes who loved that old eel. The eel was born in 1859 and lived in a well. The eel, who was known as Ale (confusing), lived in the southern town of Brantevik. Frankly, I find all of this a bit, well, shocking.

Raise a toast
To dead eel, Ale
Never hurt nobody
Nor spent time in jail.
Lived in a dark well
He had no friends
Nor a sweet honey
You could do worse, Always Funny.


A THRILLing ode. — 9 Comments

  1. The Secret Service says it finally caught the gang behind the most convincing U.S. counterfeit dollars in the world. Well, the most convincing dollars that we KNOW are counterfeit.

  2. The world is kind of a depressing mess right now – Iraq, the Ukraine, Gaza…. So maybe at some point even God in Heaven just said “We need the best comedian in the world up here pronto.”

  3. A 7-year-old dog named Duke has been elected overwhelmingly Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. He won on the simple campaign slogan: “Only crack I’ll ever snort is, well, you know.”

  4. Robin William’s first big TV role was “Mork and Mindy” 1978, where he played illegal alien “Mork from Ork.” Today he’d be just another Walmart greeter. ‘Nanu Nanu? Aisle 17.’

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