Cubs don’t get any respect. — 9 Comments

  1. A man was arrested after pretending to be a ghost in an English graveyard. The man was scary cause he had perfect teeth.

  2. A bizarre historical report says there was a pervasive smell of female urine at Beatles concerts, as girls lost control of their bodily functions. Smells like teen spirit…

  3. The world’s oldest European eel died on Friday, according to the BBC, causing an uproar among Swedes who loved that old eel. The eel was born in 1859 and lived in a well. The eel, who was known as Ale (confusing), lived in the southern town of Brantevik. Frankly, I find all of this a bit, well, shocking.

  4. Two dozen people were stuck at the top of the “Joker’s Jinx” roller coaster at Six Flags America in Maryland. All were rescued unharmed, but after several hours. So the ride may be closed for a while. If for no other reason than to clean the seats.

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