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  1. An 87-year-old nudist is running for sheriff in Washington state. If he wins, he can proclaim that there is a nude sheriff in town.

  2. After the CIA admitted spying on them, the Senate was outraged. When it comes to us: not so much. Now I don’t know nothing, but pretty sure it should be the other way around.

  3. Two elementary boys fighting over a frog agreed to share the green jumper. And these days, that is not too stabby.

  4. In the “fire challenge,” teen boys set themselves on fire after dousing down with rubbing alcohol. This comes from too many geeks living in one basement. Nature always finds a way to thin the heard.

  5. At our house, “bumping uglies” translates into rubbing noses, Eskimo-style. Whatdaya what, we’re in our sixties.

  6. The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks were lucky their plane landed in Denver for tonight’s preseason game vs The Broncos. Throughout the flight; the players kept chanting “Omaha, Omaha!”.

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