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  1. Penn Museum found a 6,500-year-old man in the closet. Wow, he’s been in the closet even longer than John Travolta.

  2. Production of “The Big Bang Theory” has resumed after the stars got big raises. I guess you could say they got big bucks for their Bang.

  3. My wife brought me back a “Taste of Texas” in a plastic bag. I was excited, until I saw it was some Armadillo Roadkill. The bitch says this was funnier than my jokes. We’ll see who’s laughing when she finds the creature in her freaking underwear drawer. You can’t make this stuff up…nor would you want to.

  4. While on a panel with Roger Goodell, John Madden said that he did not think 6, 7 and 8 year olds should be playing tackle football. But Goodell responded that HE had started playing tackle football when he was 7. Might explain a lot

  5. Just watched Tiger practicing at The PGA Championship. Unlike last Sunday, he had no trouble picking up his tee or picking up his ball on the green. Lindsey Vonn is there with him to make sure he doesn’t try picking up a pancake waitress tomorrow morning.

    (Wanna Make Her???)

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