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JERRY W says:

I think “bald” is a harsh term, my friends, both of them, know I prefer to be described as folically challenged. I have the same amount of hair on my head as I did when I was in highschool, it’s just that most of it has migrated to the inside of my nose and ears.


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  1. God, how I hate retail commission sales. I had a blind woman tell me today that she was “just looking.”

    • Will, have some compassion for the blind. I know a woman who went blind and then became a prostitute. It’s a difficult life for her to do business without seeing, I mean you really have to hand it to her.

  2. 86 year old Dodger announcer Vin Scully has signed on for another year. Vinny doesn’t travel with the team for the East Coast trips anymore. The team is afraid he may have a senile moment and start looking for Ebbets Field.

  3. Tony Bennet, 88 and Lady Gaga, 28 met at an awards ceremony and have been fast friends ever since. He left his heart in San Francisco. She ate it.

  4. The first-ever auction of Elvis Presley’s stuff is next month at Graceland. How times change. Then he was “The King.” Now, he’d just be another contestant on The Biggest Loser.

  5. My wife has crow’s feet. Big deal, I say. I can’t understand why she keeps raven about a few wrinkles.

  6. Mcdonalds in Hong Kong is under fire for buying meat from a supplier that was past the best before date. A whistle blower employee noted the packages said “Use before end of Ming Dynasty”.

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