Cubs get no respect. — 19 Comments

  1. Browsing the Want Ads, I’ve found the perfect job for my Sister-in-Law. “Specialist in Poison Information” sounds perfect for the toxic bitch.

  2. With the trade deadline approaching, players’ families on non-contending teams are anxiously awaiting possible moves. Which means in late July with the Cubs, most wives have real estate agents on speed dial.

  3. The Sarah Palin show is new on the internet and you can see it on Sunday nights. So why is Sarah’s show like Paula Dean’s show? Sarah blames Obama for every flabby American, Paula Dean IS a flabby American.

  4. Hitchbot, a hitchhiking robot is crossing Canada’s 3,800 miles using only a mechanical thumb and your car for transport. A word of warning to all Tesla owners though. He’s a horny little bot and always has his eye out for a one night recharging stand.

  5. A Beijing restaurant hired teenage girls to walk crabs down the street in a promotional stunt. Ironically, a short distance from the restaurant there were even more teenage streetwalkers with crabs.

  6. Sarah Palin plans to launch a $100 per year subscription news network. It will be called– was already taken.

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