Let them Worm out of the strife! — 10 Comments

  1. In what may be an attempt to drive the last few nearly sane republicans out of the election process, the Republican National Committee has announced that they will hold their 2016 convention in Cleveland. Using a Hail Mary / poison pill style defense plan, Cleveland has asked Rob Ford to be their interim mayor.

  2. Texas blues-rock guitarist, Johnny Winter, passed away 07/16 while on-tour in Europe. Already the whispers in Heaven have begun: “Have you heard? Winter is coming!”

  3. CBS News reports that tourists are regularly leaving their leftover marijuana purchases inside rental cars at Denver International Airport, because they don’t want to be arrested when they head home. In related news, Hertz and Avis just reported a 1,000% increase in Colorado job applications.

  4. Marvel Comics has made Thor female and Captain America black. Next will be an Hispanic Spiderman who can climb any size fence.

  5. Liv Tyler says she can’t help but look at co-star Justin Theroux’s ‘large bulge.’ Interestingly, the ladies say the same thing about Chris Christie.

  6. Ernie Els hit a man in the face with an errant golf shot at the British Open. The good news is the man now has a cute set of dimples.

  7. Dozens of Disney World workers have been arrested in child sex stings including Donald Duck who was caught wearing no pants.

  8. Oscar Pistorius was allegedly involved in a drunken altercation at a South Africa nightclub. Looks like Pistorius got into trouble again after several shots.

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