O’Harry Carey! — 12 Comments

  1. Dick Cheney’s in the news again! Here’s a guy that’s so crooked he has to screw his socks on and can’t actually say “cross my heart and hope to die” because he has no idea of where his heart actually is these days and the line waiting for him to die has a longer wait time than the one for Disney’s Space Mountain.

  2. Barack Obama has come under fire for not doing enough to stop the flow of illegals into this country. It didn’t help when today he proposed beefing up border security by employing the Brazilian soccer team.

  3. Barack Obama played pool Tuesday night in Denver. Critics said he was doing what he does best: hustling.

  4. I’m a “Cast Member” at Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, I wear a costume and dance around…it’s a living. When I get home at night, my wife likes to joke: “I smell a rat!” Comedy can be so cruel.

  5. The Northeastern Institute of Cannabis in Massachusetts, a college for pot scholars, opens in the fall. What’s cool about the diploma is you can hang it on the wall, or smoke it.

  6. Christian Mingle, where God promises to find you a wife. Not such a good idea. Last I heard He turned water into whiny women.

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