“That’s what she said”, indeed! — 9 Comments

  1. In Iceland the law says you must name your baby from a list of government approved names. They got really scared after hearing Johnny Cash sing, ”My Name is Sue! How Do You Do!”

  2. The fourteen mascots of the Big Ten conference (math is not big in the Big Ten) visited the White House, in costume, the other day. When he saw them, President Obama asked an aide why the Cabinet was meeting without him.

  3. Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in South Korea for a two-day summit that snubs North Korea’s Kim Jung-un. The Chinese leader responded with “It’s clearly a dog eat dog world”.

  4. Most of the World Cup Italian, Spanish and Portuguese players promised they’ll be back in 2016 for the Summer Olympics. Of course they will then be representing their countries in Men’s Diving.

  5. It will be verrrrry interesting if Germany plays Argentina in the World Cup semi finals. How many Nazi war criminals will come out of hiding and who will they be rooting for?

    *they can’t face each other in the finals as they are in the same bracket

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