Who was calling the game? Harry Baray? — 8 Comments

  1. A woman named Amelia Rose Earhart is duplicating Amelia Earhart’s famous flight around the world 77-years later. This Amelia has a black box full of GPS equipment. The original Amelia had a black box full of cumquats.

  2. At the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards show in Los Angeles yesterday, Canadian oddity Justin Bieber appeared a guest star. Apparently in Canada having tattoos and rapping will qualify you to be considered an honorary black person.

    On a sad yet related note, my spell check program didn’t challenge the spelling of Bieber.

  3. Stars paid tribute to the passing of Bobby Womack. Peter Gabriel said he was a “Soul Legend.” Flea said he was a “Beautiful Dude.” Kim Kardashian said he was just two K’s short of being her first husband.

  4. A man was arrested for stealing a bird costume and wearing it to a Kansas City bar. I guess he wanted to be his friend’s wingman.

  5. A United Airlines flight from Chicago to California had to make an emergency landing in Kansas, after the plane’s chute opened mid-flight. I bet the pilot didn’t exclaim, “Chute! “

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