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  1. Heinz and Ford are partnering up to research turning tomato fibers into auto parts. That’s nothing, GM can make cars into lemons.

  2. A Utah reporter was asked to leave the courtroom because of a sleeveless blouse. But the judge had no problem with the lawyer’s briefs.

  3. A man stuck overnight in a Las Vegas airport shot an amateur music video for Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself.’ He was then arrested for committing an act of terrorism.

  4. The just-released trailer for “Dumb and Dumber To” takes crude humor to a new level. What’s beneath bedrock…Magma?

  5. OK! So I don’t have a sexxxxxyyyy 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C SPIDER. I did spot a freaking CRICKET this morning in my rusted-out 2000 Neon…

  6. Australian fish and game officers found human remains inside a giant crocodile … The croc was spotted moving extremely slowly, blinking it’s left eye continuously and sporting four human-skin loafers.

  7. A recent study says most suicides happen late at night … You know you’ve watched too much Letterman when, “Going To The Final Commercial” sounds good.

  8. if you’re worried about losing your job to someone without a fifth grade education who doesn’t speak English: maybe immigration is not your biggest problem.

  9. Society is replacing the word “man” with the word “person” in a lot of ways. A “salesman” is now a “salesperson.” “Manhours” is now “personhours.” But for some reason there hasn’t been a big push for “personure.”

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