Let’s send out a dedication…


Turns out Bergdahl wasn’t being held in Pakistan. He was under Jean Kasem’s “care” in Oregon. When the Taliban came to pick him up for the exchange, she threw raw meat at them.


Let’s send out a dedication… — 7 Comments

  1. It’s Tuesday and California Chrome has still lost the Triple Crown … Don’t know his fate, but anyone want to guess “Super Glue?”

  2. Queen Elizabeth bought a McDonald’s. It’s right next to her castle at Windsor … She went with McDonald’s because she thought “Burger Queen” sounded too gay.

  3. Being married is a lot like playing guitar: There are plenty of strings attached, and an awesome amount of noise from her sound-hole.

  4. “Date Night” once meant excitement, clubs, drinks, chicks…Now it’s lonely Will, gumming a Fig Newton in bed at 9PM…trying not to wake Wifezilla.

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