In Europe, she’s Kilometry Cyrus. — 14 Comments

  1. California Chrome finished fourth at the Belmont Stakes and failed in his bid for the triple crown. It’s a real shame it was so warm and he got a cramp during the final stretch.

  2. A Russian court has ruled that a teen who is accused of theft can be treated as an adult based on the size of his genitals. He’ll probably be exonerated by a hung jury.

  3. Justin Bieber has reportedly been ‘non-stop crying’ after videos surfaced that show him making racist comments. Bieber needs to look on the bright side–he now has a lifetime courtside seat at Clippers games.

  4. Keith Urban who battled drug and alcohol abuse says Nicole Kidman saved him through an intervention. Apparently, Kidman helped bring about an Urban renewal.

    • I wonder if Coburn realizes that just like Secretariat, Seattle Slew & Affirmed, his horse also beat “fresh” horses in The Preakness that didn’t run in The Derby. The big difference is California Chrome didn’t beat a couple of “fresh” runners in The Belmont. The others all did, so stfu.

  5. Literary researchers have have unearthed an unknown play by William Shakespeare. The manuscript is illustrated in the margins with small creatures, and appears to be titled: “Despicable Thee.”

  6. A Northern California high school basketball player is in jail on suspicion of using stolen credit cards to pay $13,000 to rent a McLaren car and $27,000 to rent a vacation home. Guess he wasn’t good enough to get those perks playing college basketball?

  7. During a recent concert Weezer’s drummer Patrick Wilson caught a frisbee mid-song without missing a beat. That’s nothing, Three Dog Night’s drummer once caught a frisbee with his teeth.

  8. Tonight’s “Finding Bigfoot ” episode took place in Kentucky. Investigators encountered several big, smelly, hairy creatures, but alas no bigfoot.

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