It’s a mystery. — 7 Comments

  1. How good is my wife in bed? (Admit it, you want to know.) She leaves skid marks on my “spare tire.”

  2. China has been accused of censoring all internet searches for the uprising at Tiananmen Square; which marked its 25th anniversary this week. Government officials deny blocking on-line sites; but can’t explain why the searches all get redirected to a video of Pharrell Williams singing “Happy”.

    China is approximately the same geographical size as the US but only has one time zone. That sucks, you can’t even use Jet Lag as an excuse when you fall asleep at a meeting.

  3. During the World Cup, Mcdonalds will be serving their fries in a soccer themed package. This is appropriate as the Nutritional Value score on the box looks exactly like a soccer score. Nutrients = 0 Vitamins = 0.

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