Up top, he wasn’t so wooly. — 7 Comments

  1. Researchers say that people don’t respect hurricanes with female names as much as they do hurricanes with male names. This has caused hurricanes with female names to be deadlier and more destructive. Hell hath no fury….

  2. Apple has developed new software named “HealthKit;” in league with the Mayo Clinic it will make sure you are living a healthy life … Basically, every time you walk into a fast food place your iPhone starts playing “It’s a Small World,” at full volume.

  3. Two suspects scaled a fence and broke into Miley Cyrus’ Hollywood home, stealing jewelry and a car … After issuing an all-points bulletin, police stated they’ll be twerking around the clock.

  4. Donald Sterling attended a predominately black church service in South LA on Sunday. He followed that up by watching both of Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act movies. He was totally surprised when he found out that Goldberg wasn’t one of his relatives.

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