Mike Tyson wouldn’t approve. — 10 Comments

  1. It’s been a terrible Spring in Michigan, with all the mosquitoes. They’re running a near-constant STING operation in my backyard, and my SWAT team is failing miserably.

  2. A Sandy Springs, Georgia woman is suing the city over a ban on sex toys. Grocery stores though out the city have signs posted on their windows stating “yes, we have no bananas”.

      • I once noticed in a Caucasian store that 2 little old ladies were deciding on purchasing a package of three Hillshire Farms Kolbassa sausage. When the clerk asked them if they really need three, the answer was – they planned to eat one.

  3. Residents of California’s north-east counties want to break off from the Golden State and form a new, 51st state. They’ll call it Jefferson, not after Thomas but after William, the 42nd president … Because they don’t want to “have sex” with that state anymore.

  4. Apple just bought Beats for $3 Billion … Beats was started by rapper Dr. Dre, who now will be so rich he can buy P Diddy and give him a real name.

  5. Google claims to be have the first true driverless car. Me thinks their ego is running a little wild … The first true driverless car was owned by Billy Joel.

  6. Online dating is fraught with pitfalls. Some females post fake or out-of-date pictures to make themselves more attractive. I always insist on having a real phone call, so I can hear the woman’s voice. More than once during these conversations I’ve picked up the giveaway sound of kennel cough…

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