Nothing could be finer. — 10 Comments

  1. A gentleman named Wang Dong is one of the 5 Chinese nationals accused of cyber spying against businesses in the United States. Computer experts can’t explain why it is that when his name is translated by computer directly into english it always shows up as either Dick Richards or Ron Jeremy.

  2. An elephant made an appearance at a birthday party on the beach in Florida. And of course, he was wearing his trunks. (Groan)

  3. A Missouri inmate wants his execution filmed…Well, one thing’s for sure … If he win’s an Oscar, it’ll be the world’s shortest acceptance speech.

  4. Burger King is ditching 40-year-old slogan, “Have It Your Way.” The new slogan will be edgy and right up to date … ”So It Tastes Crappy, Blame The New Minimum Wage.”

  5. Michael Jackson’s hologram performed at Sunday Night’s Billboard Music Awards. A hologram is an image that has no substance … Kinda’ like watching Miley Cyrus.

  6. Dick Cheney wants Hillary Clinton held accountable for Benghazi. Yes. Indeed. You bet. Accountability is a brilliant idea, Mr. WMD. Let’s start chronologically.

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