But he’s old enough to be on Medicare!

JERRY W says:

Work on a remake of “The Six Million Dollar Man” TV series stopped after accountants found that today 6 million dollars would barely cover the replacement of one hip, one lung, and one kidney, with enough cash left over for a high colonic.


But he’s old enough to be on Medicare! — 5 Comments

  1. Hillary Clinton, when asked today if she is running for President in 2016. “I am somebody who really has to mull things over. Stay tuned. When I know, you’ll know.” Even Brett Favre is thinking “Jeez, lady, make up your mind.”

  2. My wife’s novelty checks have a “Gone with the Wind” theme. Rhett and Scarlet, Tara, OK, but Bonnie Blue Flag on her jumping horse?

  3. A goat with eight legs was born on a farm in Croatia. The owner says he is now planning to breed a horse with eight legs so he can win the Kentucky Derby in 2018.

  4. A 90 year old former Edmonton high school dropout went back to school and will now be graduating in the same class as his grandson. Of course, he blew away the teachers with his knowledge of History.

  5. I don’t understand when young girls try to insult me by saying: “Kiss my Ass!” Don’t they know that I’d absolutely LOVE to?

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