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  1. I’ve done plenty of drugs, and used to drink like a fish. I’m kind of interested in trying weed, but just can’t seem to get motivated enough to find a supplier…

  2. Given a bleak year in the pork industry, some Canadian companies are now putting about four slices fewer (500 grams down to 375) in each pack of bacon while charging the same price. Could one refer to this as Back Bacon ?

  3. United Arab Emirates airline offers passengers a miniature suite featuring a bedroom, private bathroom and a dedicated butler … The flight is so expensive, the pilots only drink Don Perignon.

  4. Oregon governor stops his limo, jumps out and gives CPR to comatose woman. Saves her life … And she’s not even a Ducks fan!

  5. Monica Lewinsky says President Clinton ”took advantage” of her. He did. You know that 1992 slogan, “It’s time to Change America … America was her nickname.

  6. Women with wide hips have more one-night stands than narrow-hipped women according to a study by the University of Leeds in England … So guys if you wanna’ get lucky, try the All You Can Eat Pancake line at IHOP.

  7. A Utah couple was arrested for having sex on the front lawn of a church. I think they misunderstood the invitation on the marquee to “Come and Worship.”

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