What’s a wax cylinder? — 18 Comments

  1. A Wisconsin mom found mold inside a PediaSure juice box she served to her 5-year-old son. The good news is she used the mold to create penicillin.

  2. In New York City, “Plus-Size” female mannequins are being tested in several store windows. Makes sense that this is occurring in “The Big Apple.”

  3. Danica Patric challenged Richard Petty to a race following his remarks, ‘She’ll never win.’ I think Petty will beat her, but just to make it fair, so she won’t have to stop for directions, here they are: Left, left, left, left.

  4. A Norwegian man owns seven Teslas … Every time he buys a new one it runs out of gas and he can’t find where to put more.

  5. Banned for life! Whatever will he do? Probably go to bed early with Milk and Cookies … The ones Charlie Sheen fixed him up with.

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