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  1. A Florida man was arrested for driving down Interstate 95 while masturbating. He drew the attention of the police by continually honking his horn.

  2. A Houston woman didn’t want to go on camera, so a TV station filmed her crotch. Perhaps the TV station was trying to communicate that there was a hole in her story.

  3. A mother gave birth to a 14.5-pound baby at Massachusetts General Hospital. A paternity test will be given to Chris Christie.

  4. They say females are born with all the eggs they’ll ever produce. This is confusing to me. I mean, how fresh can they be by 25 or 30 year’s old?

  5. Air Canada will be terminating two of their baggage handlers this weekend after video showed them firing luggage as far as 20 feet at Toronto Pearson airport. The Blue Jays immediately signed them for pitching tryouts.

  6. The Chicago Cubs did not invite suspected steroid user Sammy Sosa to their 100th anniversary celebration. He said “That’s ok, at least I didn’t hit all those home runs with pine tar on my neck.”

  7. A Richmond BC bus shelter ad for Crest toothpaste is stirring up controversy as it is entirely in Chinese. I think the translation is: Your teeth will sparkle as you grit them trying to parallel park.

  8. Doctor tell me I have tumor on the knee. I said, ‘You mean the knee grow?’ He said, ‘Who do you think you are? A Nevada rancher.’

  9. In South Africa elephants are getting drunk from eating the fruit of the Marula tree … I hear they get so wasted, they see pink people.

  10. Google Maps has a small icon that lets you see what things looked like in the past. I chose 1976, when men were men and women were women … And Bruce Jenner was one or the other.

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