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  1. A mother found Xanax in a preschooler’s Easter egg. The mother was understandably upset–she was an Easter basket case.

  2. An Easter Egg Hunt was held yesterday in Central Park. CNN assembled a panel of experts to advise where the eggs were likely to be found.

  3. Pope Francis spoke to over 150,000 in St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday … Basically he said it’s OK to hunt for Easter eggs, but you must eat them raw.

  4. According to the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany humans lose their sense of taste at 35,000 feet … Ahhh, that explains it. Toronto has their voting booths in 747’s.

  5. The White House has “no comment” on the deport Justin Bieber back-to-Canada petition … No, they didn’t officially say anything, but the rumor mill around the Oval Office is he’s got a very Putin-like chest.

  6. A new government report says Air Force drone pilots are suffering from low morale … Turns out that window in their basement was a bad idea.

  7. Next month is the scheduled release of Godzilla about an enormous creature that devours everything in his path–otherwise known as the Chris Christie story.

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