Yes, it certainly would.

JERRY W says:

Sad to hear about Mickey Rooney’s passing, I’ll always remember him saying in an interview “An elevator smells different to a guy my size than it does to you”.


Yes, it certainly would. — 12 Comments

  1. Watson won the Masters tournament, second year in a row … After sinking the last one he goes, ‘Elementary, my dear Tiger.’

  2. Members of the House Ways and Means Committee frequently are in tax trouble. The guys who write tax laws that scare the rest of us shirtless have trouble obeying their own laws. Instead of a check, we should pay these people with a road map.

  3. A British ice cream maker has incorporated viagra into a new flavor. Well one thing is certain–it’s not soft serve.

  4. Tonight there is suppose to be a “blood moon”–it will be the first one since Chris Christie had bleeding hemorrhoids.

  5. The National Committee on Pay Equity says women have to work fifteen months to earn the same amount a man does in twelve … And that’s why God invented Easter, when girls get cute dresses and chocolate to make up for it.

  6. Putin and Obama spoke by phone about the unrest in eastern Ukraine. Obama was able to call and speak with Putin since he no longer has that Soviet Bloc.

  7. Putin and Obama spoke by phone about the unrest in eastern Ukraine. Putin must have butt-dialed Obama since he is such an ass.

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