Who threw the shoe, Boo Boo? — 7 Comments

  1. The White House is dispatching Joe Biden to the Ukraine. Oh great, send a man whose foreign affairs experience consists of walking the Obamas’ Portuguese water dog.

  2. Couples looking at a wedding venue can now rent the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center in Washington. The bride will wear a veil and everyone else a mask.

  3. Unfortunately, my girlfriend’s makeup has been tested on animals. Hey, that’s kind of like my love-making…

  4. Using MRI imaging doctors can tell the difference between depressed and non-depressed brains … Can’t afford an MRI but still want to know if you’re depressed? Count the number of Big Mac wrappers in your back seat.

  5. Donald Trump said in a speech to a Conservative group that politicians are “all bullsh*t, all talk.” Was the Donald trying to convince them that he’s a real politician?

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