Loops on the GWB too. — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t think Vladimir Putin is out to rule the world … But run like Hell if he start’s invading Paris Hilton.

  2. Scientists who examined a shred of parchment which indicated that Jesus said he was married were further shocked when they found that his words “My Wife” were preceded by the word “Take” and then followed by the word “Please”. Centuries later, a few of Christ’s descendants apparently inherited his genetic traits and are now well known as Jewish comedians.

  3. An Australian and Chinese ship have detected “pings” coming from just west of Perth. Australia says the sounds are consistent with those from an aircraft “black box”. The Chinese ship is still waiting to hear “pongs” before commenting.

  4. The very first Major League replay challenge was made by the Cubs and lost. With that, the Cubs have been mathematically eliminated from this year’s playoffs.

  5. Hillary Clinton laughed off a shoe thrown at her during a Las Vegas speech. Give Hillary credit–she can dodge scandals and sandals.

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