The original “Big Ragu”. — 5 Comments

  1. The Pew Research Center says three-fourths of Americans think pot will be legalized nationwide … The other one-fourth wonder, ‘Duh, how do they cook their pasta now?’

  2. An art exhibit is opening at the George W. Bush Library and will feature many of the paintings W’s done since being run out of the White House. It’s worth noting that he did a great job on them, no matter how closely you look you can hardly see the numbers under the colors. As a side note, the library’s book section still features both of his favorite books, including the one that’s not colored in yet.

  3. In surfer slang, a “Hodad” is a faker who talks game, but can’t do the deed on the waves. Not sure if they have a female equivalent, like “Homom.”

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