Eugene! No, YOU Gene. — 8 Comments

  1. An alert about potential tongue stiffness is listed as a possible side effect in the warning at the end of Cialis T.V. commercials. In an interview, this was dismissed by the scientist who created the medication, he said “That’s never really been a problem for me, in fact, my wife always told me it was a bonus”.

  2. Kobe Bryant says he doesn’t think he should comment on the Trayvon Martin case just because he’s African-American. For once, Kobe passed.

  3. Ravens running back Ray Rice got married one day after being indicted for assaulting his fiancee. The bride wore “something blue”–a big bruise.

  4. A Russian city is sending Leonardo DiCaprio an Ascar as a consolation prize for his Oscars loss. DiCaprio said he prefers a big Ascar like an Escalade.

  5. Satellite spots object floating in Indian Ocean. Ships rush to investigate. Sadly it’s not from the flight. But it is an interesting object recently gone missing … Miley Cyrus’ underwear.

  6. My wife told me she’d signed us up for a nude swimming club for couples next month. I almost believed her, until she whispered in my ear: “April Pool.”

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