Cher and Cher alike! — 11 Comments

  1. San Antonio Spurs players were ‘haunted’ by ghosts during a stay at Claremont Resort in Berkeley. One of them was the specter of Ray Allen hitting that 3 pointer in last year’s finals.

  2. Looking for a gift for my young niece at Toys ‘R Us, I was shocked to see “Pregnant Barbie.” I don’t think she and Ken are even married!

  3. In a press release today, the management of GM announced that their company will diversify by entering the movie business, their first project will be a sequel to an Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film. Appropriately enough, that film will be released as “Total Recall, the first million are the hardest”.

  4. The perfect Sunday afternoon: Wife at the Mall, Brewski on the end table, “Wallflowers Gone Wild” on the 70″ Flat Screen. Ahhh!

  5. Shirley Jones plans to skydive for her 80th birthday. I guess she was inspired by David Cassidy’s free fall.

  6. Surveys show teens having sex has decreased in the past 20 years. Experts say it’s the pressure of social media … Teens say it’s other teens.

  7. David Cassidy is back in rehab for latest DUI … I remember when he guested on “Leave it to Beaver” and Wally busted him for running his red wagon while all hopped up on Snickers.

  8. My wife says she’s addicted to shoes because I don’t pay enough attention to her. I feel like such a…heel.

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