Can’t get across the bridge in any car, though. — 16 Comments

  1. The NY Jets, who tired of the Tim Tebow circus, now apparently have tired of the Mark Sanchez circus and are trying to sign…. Michael Vick?! Don’t take down those tents too fast.

  2. Starbucks will soon start selling Oprah Winfrey-branded tea. Unfortunately, you have to be as rich as Oprah to afford it.

  3. There are now foreign versions of “The Price is Right” in countries like France, Portugal, and Vietnam. In the Vietnamese version, the host concludes the show by exhorting the audience to have their pets grilled or broiled.

  4. First lady Michelle Obama departed today for a week-long trip to China, where she will promote education. The First Lady will inform Chinese children about American history, and they in turn will teach her how to glue a sole to an athletic shoe.

  5. My wife says Life is all about compromises. She couldn’t get the hang of Yoga, so she does yogurt instead.

  6. A JetBlue flight went missing with sudden lost communication from the flight deck similar to the Malaysian Airlines plane. Investigators found it immediately though, it was still sitting on the tarmac 3 hrs after scheduled departure.

  7. A woman was told her toned body was ‘intimidating’ to others at Planet Fitness. Hey, wouldn’t you expect a Planet Fitness member to be a Venus?

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