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  1. A 38-year-old Maryland man claims to have eaten almost only pizza for the last 23 years. Apparently, he’s on the Christie diet.

  2. LeBron James wore a mask to protect his injured nose during last night’s win against the Knicks. The Knicks are so bad they may want to also consider wearing masks.

  3. Orioles mgr Buck Showalter introduced 19 yr old prospect Josh Hart to Hall of Famer Frank Robinson asking the kid if he knew who Robinson was. Josh did not, so Buck told him do some research. Hart came back with: He came from a Swiss family. Frank followed his dad Jackie to the majors. His brother David was a star basketball player. Simon & Garfunkel recorded a song about his mom.

  4. South Korea is now preparing for their turn to host the next Winter Olympics. Already they are claiming to be way ahead of Sochi in that there are no stray dogs anywhere in the country.

    One of the most popular TV events in South Korea is the annual Westminster Dog Show from Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately, it runs on their Food Network.

  5. The smog in some cities in China is so bad that schools have cancelled outdoor activities like Sports Day. The government is suggesting they downsize events, such as running a 15 yard dash.

  6. Doing taxes online…Question about Comedy income: Do the free drinks count as earnings, or a pathetic excuse for tips?

  7. Arizona’s anti-gay law was vetoed, and boy is the legislature pissed. They could have spent the time on something far more important … Like banning “Black History Month.”

  8. Stanford University banned the sale of cigarettes on campus … Smokers are encouraged to attend Berkley, where they can cure cancer, and get it.

  9. Right on Jerry, 375 degrees with a tsp of oil, then throw it in with the soup. Poodle Noodle soup is a fav with the locals.

    Don’t forget to have the Creme D’Bichon for dessert with Pie a la Mutt.

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